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Critical Acclaim:

“Each man is a fine pianist in his own right and they have merged their talents expertly.”
– The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

“A fine piano duo, they play together with the skills that come from a long association and the kind of quasi-telepathy such sustained professional relationships produce.”
– Chicago Sun-Times

“Stecher and Horowitz provided a synthesis of sound that is not often equalled and rarely surpassed.”
– The Dallas Morning News

“Since the memorable duo-evening of Busoni with Egon Petri (1922) one has heard nothing of this kind in Berlin. Their ensemble represents am optimum in piano culture, such as is hardly achieved in Old Europe these days.”
– Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

“Their playing showed a remarkable and virtually infallible unanimity of spirit.”
– The Daily Telegraph, London

“Their playing showed a remarkable fiery, robust vitality, so sparkling that the hall was ablaze with excitement.”
– Het Parool, Amsterdam

“Once in fifty piano evenings the dream of a music critic will come through: that there would come a pianists who would fill a concert with an unforgettable vitality. Thursday night there came two: the piano duo Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz.”
– Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm

“Stecher and Horowitz succeeded in avoiding the sensation of mechanical execution so common in piano duos. Fine technique and nobel expression marked this performance.”
– La Prensa, Buenos Aires

“They revealed remarkable control of technique and unanimity of purpose in thought and musical understanding.”
– The Vancouver Sun